“Death is inconceivable
Loss is unavoidable
Grief is unbearable”

But who is talking about it?

You are not alone. Invite me in.
Let’s do this together


I, like many, have lived through immense pain in my life. My innate curiosity allowed me to explore my feelings, process them, & realize the precious gifts from each experience.

It was through honouring my grief that these gifts began to surface. This process, while not easy, was profound. It allowed me to embrace the beauty in grief & encouraged me to seek solace in the present moment.

I realized, after much practise, that life really does live in the small details of each precious moment. It is through my own journey that I know this to be true.

My passion lies in helping others create new meaning from their pain & curate a new relationship with their grief.

Death Doula

It is true, discussions about death, dying, loss & grief are challenging. They are also paramount. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that once you begin, it not only gets easier but having support makes it manageable. Connect to find out how I can help you.


The very thing we need when experiencing grief is what astrology can deliver in spades - compassion. Compassion for self & for others. A birth chart reading is a conduit into your physical, emotional & spiritual world. It is incredible how quickly transformation can occur with just one reading. I highly encourage anyone looking for more compassion to book a reading with me.

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