About Me


Thanks for visiting my website. 

For now, just a short offering about myself to wet your whistle for who I am and how I came to be involved in these important topics.

I was introduced to death, loss & grief at an early age which is what brings me to this work. Through that initial experience it became evident that I was a survivor of a broken system for death & grief support. I have witnessed first hand the tragedy that ensues, thus educating people about the psychological, emotional & spiritual impact this has on an individual, family or a community has become my passion. 

Enter astrology. Studying astrology has gifted me with a new language that helps break down stigmas, shame & the guilt we carry throughout our days. . On the flip side, it enables compassion & empathy for oneself & others. It has become a surprisingly beautiful tool in reframing challenging storylines for my clients.

I will share more about myself in the weeks & months to follow.

So much loss swirls around us, especially since Covid, which only adds to the immediacy of creating connection & dialogue for these challenging topics.

Thanks for leaning in & being curious. 


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