What is a birth chart reading? A birth chart is a snapshot of the planetary action at your time of birth. The location of your sun, the moon and other planets are all derived from this moment in time. 

What can a birth chart reveal?

A birth chart can be an illuminating tool not only to help you be seen, heard & validated, but it can also blanket you with tremendous compassion: compassion for self, and compassion for those we interact with daily. This can be liberating.

For example, during a reading for a client, I highlighted a certain planetary aspect offering, “How you say what you say is oftentimes confused by others ~ can you speak to that?” He was astounded & identified this insight as the most valuable part of the reading. It helped him understand & put words to a theme in his life that was felt but could never be articulated. He then became less bothered with how he was perceived by others, and moved on with less frustration, more ease & confidence.

The takeaways can be fun, meaningful & transformative.

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