Living through loss is painful. 

Grief has a way of taking hold of your emotional body, whenever & wherever it wants. A birth chart reading can help navigate the revolving door of emotions during pain & loss. It is helpful to have a frame of reference  of the planets that have more of an emotional impact on us than others.

Nothing wakes us up like grief. Grief makes us more acutely aware of our emotional body than anything else. Grief can bring other feelings to the surface too, such as shame, guilt or even happiness. 

How can a birth chart reading help during grief ?

  • Remind us of what is true and right about ourselves
  • Point out our strengths, gifts
  • Provide a bridge from our past to the present

A reading can influence how we see ourselves during grief & can provide self compassion. When we step back to simply observe our lives, what we see can be both humbling & reassuring. 

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