One of the most exciting things about studying astrology for me, has been offering insights to my friends for their children.

A birth chart reading for a child gives a parent a deeper comprehension of the little people in their lives and how they are  unfolding. Witnessing the compassion that comes from such insights has been beautiful. 

By studying a child’s chart, much of who they are is brought to light without any bias held by the parents. Oftentimes parents yearn for their children to be a certain way ( sporty, musical, intellectual etc ) which can  lead to unnecessary conflict. A chart reading is a very easy & fun way to delve deeper into the child’s full expression. The two topics that I have found to be most insightful are:

  • Learning styles
  • Emotional makeup

In a recent reading for an adult client who, as a child, was labeled “a slow learner”, there was profound validation. He suffered this stigma throughout his school years. What came to light as an adult was that he was excessively bright, but just needed more time, a quieter room and fewer distractions to excel at learning. Given the opportunity to learn at his own pace, he was as confident as the “bright” students. The stigma, which scarred him for a long time, was unnecessary & fully avoidable if only the learning style had been known or seen by his educators or family early on.

Helping parents view their children for the unique people they are is so fulfilling. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had this advantage as a young person? 

If you would like to book a chart reading for your child, please send me an email to set up a time..

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