A synastry reading is the overlapping & comparing of two people’s charts. Like other readings, this style of reading is insightful & empowering. 

Who is this style of reading for ?

  • Couples
  • Parents & children
  • Business partners/colleagues
  • Friends

The benefits of this kind of reading are invaluable. Most relationships ebb & flow between conflict & harmony, but conflict needs repair. A synastry reading can provide avenues to repair by bringing acceptance & understanding to both individuals. Viewing another person’s birth chart in reflection to your own can be beautiful & transformative.

It is also validating when comparing the strengths & challenges of any union. It can highlight what needs work, and help to celebrate what is  working. 

For growth-oriented individuals this can be a powerful tool.

For couples, I don’t think there is a more beautiful relationship gift than to carve out a unique language built just for one another. 

If you would like a synastry reading, please send me an email to set up a time.

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