Death gets a bad rap, & it should. I mean, what is so great about it? We humans get really attached to our people, places & things. When these are taken away from us, whether through our own choice or not, we rail.

With change comes uncertainty, with uncertainty comes more uncertainty, but I digress … death. 

The topic is loaded. So loaded that we in western society steer clear away from it. But we can’t, because,  well… death. 

It comes. Sometimes we know it is coming & sometimes we don’t. The verdict is still out which one is easier. For the sake of  argument, let’s say they are both hard, because … well, death.

The bad news is that the more we deny & disconnect from death the harder the feelings will be when death arrives. The good news ? The more we accept death & talk about it, the more prepared we are. The more prepared we are, the easier time we will have in handling the logistics and our feelings as well as the feelings of others. Invite me into your social networks to start getting you prepared for death & discussions about death.

Have you just experienced a death? Feeling overwhelmed? I can help you begin the process.

Let’s lean into death together with your family, friends, neighbours, & even your colleagues.

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