… with three sibs …

with a few decades of life
experience, the death of my

brother, my insatiable

curiosity and personal growth

work i have come to realize a

few things:

growing up, i could entertain myself all day playing outside. i hung around with my sporty brothers and their friends, which strengthened my  identity as the sporty spice  sister. chasing the sun while playing sports is still one of my greatest loves. in the winter i  enjoy powder skiing but on rainy west coast days i enjoy my wood stove with a good book, music, homemade chai & pet love.

1) grief and loss swirls all around us yet it is
so unrecognized & dismissed in my culture.

i am passionate about changing this.

2) patriarchy has robbed us of healthy emotional connection, to ourselves & others, which is heartbreaking to me and i am passionate about changing this too.

i am a leo sun, capricorn moon, virgo rising with a large dose of aquarian, sagittarian, scorpionic vibes, best described as a curious wiseass optimist who deplores superficiality but loves loud music, inventing things and driving everything with excessive speed.
3) astrology can be a profound healing tool. it creates compassion for ourselves & others while helping us thrive and live our best lives.
me and potato chips got a divorce, but every now & again we get back together … we are kinda codependent like that

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